About me

31 years , 3 countries,3 and a half languages, 2 and a half children, one husband and love anything but numbers.

Inspiration is all around us I find mine in nature, architecture, design, food, books, humour, fashion and my kids.

The day we moved into our 1800's home in the UK my comfy bauble I used to live in popped and little did I know about what a significant journey this house will take me through, teach me discipline, crave work and discover a little bit more who I am.

I believe we should all strive for creating harmony and beauty at home how you find yours is unique and individual, there is no universal fix, what works for some it doesn't and shouldn't for others.

If you are itching to find real and practical solutions, join us on a visual stroll and find inspiration through our eyes.

Come on, let's nest!
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Luca x