Boy oh boy- If I was pregnant now

...I would so buy that gorgeous cot...and the wallpaper...and the tipi and all the taxidermy and blame it on the hormones. I used to blame my daily intake of two magnums on them and that's it but this time? I would aim big and fill all the credit cards with these incredible nursery stuff because doing those night feeds in style is what we all deserve, high five! 

I am sure you noticed that I am not in love with this cobalt blue at all. (lie) So there you go this is what happens when a client says 'surprise me' I immediately reach for this shade of blue. Pretty please, give me a challenge and name your colour scheme if you want me to make a room plan for you :-) 

Ob boys cobalt nursery


Elephant taxidermy

Donkey taxidermy



Dream sign

Sheep rug

Pear shape musical cushion 

Crocodile cushion


Boat decor items 

Origami Pendant 

Clouds mobile 

White house shape tissue box 

Found so many trophies and was so hard to choose, so created another look with my other favourite duo:

Ob boys cobalt nurserybulldogElephant trophy

Bulldog trophy