Boys room makeover

I have been working on this transformation for so long now.. Who said it is an easy feat to create a room for a young boy?? A room that can grow with him overtime and won't embarrass him when his mates open his door. A room that can serve as a fort and protect him from the outside world, a room that offers privacy when needed from the rest of the household but can be used as a social space for comfy sleepovers and midnight feasts. Starting from now, their taste will change so much, so it was important to choose a colour scheme that is easy to live with. Originally I selected a gorgeous indigo map wall mural for a price of a small holiday and it didn't take me long to realise that the £6 wall stickers from Amazon will do too and if and when it gets boring, we can easily find something else without a heartbreak. For some of the walls and ceiling we used a wipeable silk white Crown paint and the "granite dust" shade for the rest and couldn't be happier with the colours. There was generally nothing wrong with his previous room, but I felt we reached a milestone where this cute little Dino themed room was suddenly outgrown. Bleeh! 


Img 20120701 171926Img 20120701 172044


Img 20170607 104948

I was desperate to get him a bunk bed but it certainly wasn't the easiest task to find one that can fit into our low ceiling cottage. God bless IKEA they even thought of this issue and created a bunk bed perfect for cottages and wait for the best part....for £79!! Not to mention the style and colour..perfectly fit in with the design I had in mind.

The pendant is from Muuto. It is made out of rubber and can be unfolded and played with.  ( not that I would let anyone go anywhere near it!!) 

Img 20170607 104755

He has two Geckos: Barbara & Babbolina so I immediately snapped on Next's wall gecko. I found this poster with these gorgeous whales at Desenio, he adores sea creatures and it is a bonus that the colours go so well with the theme. 

Img 20170607 104206

Can you believe that I picked up this adorable, really good quality cushion for £7.50 from John Lewis's?? 

Img 20170607 103917

Img 20170607 104125

Oh yes..that is a nerf wall!!  The coolest feature any young teen boy could have. Incredibly easy to make, check out my previous post about it. 

Img 20170607 104905

This Moves like Jagger banner brings back so many lovely memories for us all from when he was little...we used to dance our socks off together for this Maroon 5 classic and I find 'you are my sunshine' or 'love you to the moon' too sentimental and he knows those things anyway...

You will need these clips to hang the banner. 

Img 20170607 104624

Img 20170607 104924

Img 20170607 104559

Before we moved to the UK and just came for visits we used to stay in a local B&B (most amazing and stylish place) and the lady carefully selected every tiny item in the rooms. Every dressing table had crochet tissue box covers next to her very British fine china and I remember that was when I first realised how lovely it is when a room is full of beautiful and meaningful accessories. Found this ace tissue box cover on Amazon and it would work well in any other space in the house.

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This was his final bedroom plan: 

Ob elliott s bedroom

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Bolt wall sticker

Bunk bed

Grey flannelette bedding set 

Clip on reading light

Hello sign 


DIY banner

Soft tip Dart Board: highly recommend this for the whole family! Very safe to use, even with two year olds running around. 

Star wars alarm clock

Whales poster

Wall hooks

Aloe Vera plant

Stig head cushion 

Whales cushion 

Indigo blue cushions

Indigo blue blanket 

Black tissue box cover ( house shape)