Room of Requirement - the one that doesn't appear on the map, nor do its occupants....

Do your children suffer from Pottermania? So much better than THAT bright pink pig and the bold coloured dogs when it comes to room decor...And also, the Harry Potter craze isn't just a passing phase, the books have been around and clearly they will be on our shelves so you won't need to redecorate the room after two weeks. 

While I was browsing for products, I came across such a lovely DIY idea that involves only a few vintage keys, some fishing wire and some wings cut out of a piece of paper. Super easy way to give the room that enchanted touch. 


( Image: Pintrest ) 

Happy potter

If you like the look, shop the items below: 

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Light up speech bubble

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This Harry Potter broom would look so cool hang up under the Wizard Parking Sign. There is a cheaper not so fancy option available too. 

To achieve the brick effect, you could use some wallpaper to create a feature wall.