Girls who share

Have you thought about re-decorating your kids rooms as a Christmas surprise? Oh watch out! My friend has..

Don't get me wrong, it is at least as pricey as buying a lot of  junk to play with, but this gift won't end up in the corner after a day or two...instead it will add so much value and fun to the grey winter days the whole family will appreciate.  

These gorgeous girls actually asked to share a bedroom and have bunk beds. Christmas seemed like the perfect opportunity to make their wish come through and create a space they will adore for years to come. 

They are little bookworms, so we will make a big library wall for them and enhance the reading experience with a fairy tale canopy reading corner. We will split the walls horizontally and give a lovely powder blue (that is nearly grey) colour  to the bottom half's.  Lush, you are saying? Wait until you will see the end result, we will reveal the room just after Christmas! 

Ob alice sophie

You can shop the look too, just click on the items below : 

Macrame Banner 

Clip on reading light

Bunk beds


Fairy tale bedding 

Bunk bed pouch - white

Bunk bed pouch- blush pink

Round teddy bear rug

Round patchwork rug

Teddy face mirror

Shape wall hooks

Wood & Rope swing shelf

Daisy metal banner

Personalised boho print 

Hearts print (or you can easily make your own!) 


Ball fairy light garland 

Found so many lovely items for this room and couldn't stop myself making a different version. Overall, this would be the cheaper version too so call it room on budget if you like! 

Ob alice sophie3

These are the different items, shop the look below: 

Clip on light

Bedding ( camping theme)

Book shelves 

Cat mask mirror


Jewellery hook

Wood & Metal wall shelf


Patterned pink cushion

Round pom pom cushion

Grey pom pom cushion 

Flowers cushion 

Ball fairy light garland

Grey "Joy" cushion 

Pom Pom bed throw 

The beddings above are definitely my favourites to style the room with, but you may like the MERMAID, the STAR theme or the BUTTERFLY ones. 

Childrens duvet cover pillowcase set flight theme236708737alt1Childrens reversible duvet cover pillowcase set like a star theme