I have a thing for wall hooks..recently purchased some very funny ones for the kids to hang in their bedrooms. While I was searching I came across these wall dots from Muuto (possibly my favourite Scandinavian contemporary designer ) and I just couldn't wait to include them in a hallway plan. Whether you use it for the kids stuff or for your own coats it really doesn't matter, these cool dots will attract the eye first for sure. There was a limited wall space for shoe storage, so went for a slim, not so expensive piece from Ikea and a separate welly rack that can be placed under the dots close to the entrance door. The art work ( man with the succulent head) is on offer right now and it would look gorgeous in a bedroom with the lady who has a hortensia  head. 

Find the links below to shop the look! 


Ob hallway

Muuto Wall Dots 

Welly Rack 

Rattan Ceiling Light

Knot Doormat 

Berber- Style Rug 

Martin Moore Succulent Art 

Black Habitat Mirror 

Bamboo Lantern 

Shoe Cabinet 

Magazine Rack 

Umbrella Stand or a pricier version from John Lewis