The best kids reading lights out there

  These lights are not for checking if they are still breathing, to help pretend to be the tooth fairy or father Christmas or deal with any worries...(will collect the best of those too) but these bad boys make bedtime reading possible. 

Ob kids wall lightsNot sure if I could just pick one favourite out of this list, but I have to say the Playmobil figure in a jam jar is a pretty high flyer. Different styles for different budgets, click through the links below to find the perfect one for your little one :

White clip on modern light 

Fox light

Playmobil Jar lamp 

Industrial Style Adjustable Wall Light- Black

Industrial Style Adjustable Wall Light- White

Bulldog head wall light

Stags head wall light

Star wall lamp

Flower wall lamp

Industrial clip on lamp - black 

Industrial clip on lamp - white 

Pink hewitt sconce 

Wood & metal white wall light 

Wall sconce accessory - blue 

Clip on lamp- dark grey 

If you managed to get your hands on something really cure or good value, please do share it under the Facebook post.  x