A story of some paint and love..

That's summer done with then.. ( or wait let's not be so generous and call it a warmer spring) and kids are back to school / preschool.

My littlest was lucky enough to start his day at a very special place, in our village preschool. What's so special about it? - I hear you asking.

I could sing songs and tell tales all day long about the wonderful staff and to say I am grateful for the love and care they have been given to both of my children- wouldn't be enough. But here comes my point: the setting wasn't reflecting enough the loveliness of the exceptional individuals who work there. And boooom there I was the next minute covered in grey paint in the middle of my moodboards! Loved every minute of this transformation, there is nothing better than creating spaces for children.

Note: If you run a Preschool/ Playgroup that needs some attention but you haven't got the time to come up with new coordinating ideas or the money to employ a conventional interior designer please get in touch with us. We have lots of ideas how you could revamp a classroom on a budget! And don't forget, we won't charge you anything. 

Over the design process we created 3 different moodboards and the winner was the following: 

Ob preschoolclassroomHere is the shopping list: 

Magnetic blackboard (they come with a veneer frame, so we painted them with white "plastic paint" that you can pick up from your local DIY store)

Pack of 3 cushions

Picture ledges for the library

Floor cushions

Tiger rug

Scandi flower cushion

Metallic scandi cushion

Rattan pom pom basket for soft toy storage

Ikea storage units

Ikea rattan storage baskets

Elephant planter

Wooden blinds 


 I hope you will enjoy a little sneak peek around the classroom and feel free to steal some ideas....

Collage 2017 09 05

Just in case you underestimated the power of white paint... 

Collage 2017 09 05  2

We bought some new blinds and some matching storage units from IKEA. 

Installed two magnetic blackboards. Looking forward to see how the children will express themselves on these, completely mess free with chalk pens

Img 1479

As we installed a sweet little library, my daughter and her friend immediately moved in and tested these amazing floor cushions. I can't believe how good value they are and they come in mega cute colours and designs. Not to mention the adorable tiger rug from the same company...

Img 1485

Img 1484

The entrance hall where the children can hang their coats and change their shoes had about 5 different layers and colours of paint on. Took all the rails down and gave them a lovely shade of grey and did the same with the shoe benches. 

Collage 2017 09 05  1

Our extremely talented artist friend used permanent markers to create this very simple, yet beautiful and calming artwork and finished the look with lots of pastel coat hooks, some ceramic swallows and a natural rattan lamp shade

 Img 1459Img 1464

For the lunchboxes we used an animal coat board, it is so popular, we need to order another two of them!

Unfortunately this design has since sold out, but you can find similar ones here (our favourite one has to be the otter and the flamingo) and here

Img 1488

There was no budget to refit the bathrooms so we did what we could to make it look friendly and happy. 

Ob pre school bathroomShopping list:

Dark blue rattan lamp shade

Light blue rattan lamp shade

Wall stickers

Wooden "wash your hands" sign

House shape tissue holder

Cloud print towels

Wash your hands prints

Img 1477

Img 1476

Get in touch today to discuss your project, we might be able to save some time and money for you !