Sports-mad boys room

It is so much fun to come up with ideas for lads who are truly passionate about something. Sports..gaming..books or travel you name it. I am so excited to see who my 2 year old will become, how his personality will change and what he will be interested in? Will he be a sports fanatic too like his idols next door? Or will he be a bookworm who will never leave his reading nook? 

These were some of the questions which kept on circulating in my mind while I was putting together some ideas for this sports- fanatic, gorgeous young man.

Some information I needed to consider for the room transformation:

  1. wanted green wall(s)
  2. keeping his white bunk beds
  3. some of his existing furniture (shelves, desk) are staying and they are light wood colour 

Now, when you come to me, having just plain green walls won't be an option...especially the type of green these boys love ( they certainly don't get their ideas from Farrow & Ball's colour chart) so I was desperate to find something that would give a little brake to your eyes when you enter the room. 

- One option could be to buy some wall stickers in white to create a wallpaper effect, similar to this here, but obviously on a green wall instead of grey. 


Found some Star Wars spaceships in white that would look cool like this, click here to find them. Or keeping with the sports theme here you will find some ball stickers. 

- With a tiny bit of frog tape and not a lot of effort you could create a football pitch, pictured below: Ob luca s room

For detailed instructions on how to create a football field wall please click here .

Practical and fun idea to display their rugby or footballs on the wall above their study space as decoration, just secure some ball display mounts on the wall and ta-dah. You can find the chrome version here. 


(Picture from Pintrest)

The blue lamp shade on the mood board is from Next but this room would look good with a cage light too: 

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Or even a blue rattan light too: 

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Get the rest of the look by clicking through the list below: