Think mint and pink

A lovely childhood friend of mine bought her first house a few months ago. It has been such an exciting time for them but also maybe a tiny bit overwhelming ( do you agree Soph?) as she can't help herself popping babies...Working full time, having two small creatures already, carrying one in your belly and moving houses was never going to be easy. Luckily though, she had me!!! Hahaha!!

Ok seriously now... we helped her online to design some of her rooms and the result is adorable. Hope you will enjoy a few pictures of her gorgeous daughters room and if you have the same trouble: lacking time but need some styling advise, please get in touch!

Img 1632

Img 1637

The Bed is an IKEA Kura bed with a bit of some grey paint. 

Img 1636Img 1635

Img 1633

A few DIY hacks were involved to create the look, including the lamp. Try to source a vintage, handwoven wicker lamp shade. Your best bet is to look around on ETSY. Get a can of spray paint of your choice, this time we used this can and voil√°.

SHOP THE rest of the LOOK below the moodboard: 

Ob morzsi

Wicker lamp shade

IKEA kura bed

Sheepskin rug 

Pink flower crochet rug

Bunny cushion

Grey wall sticker dots

Bear shape mirror

Meow Print

Let's dance print

Flamingo head or this

Mint metal shelf

Flower wall light

Mint knitted foot stool 

Mint bedding or here

While we were writing this post we came across this beautiful flamingo hook that would look great on any bare white wall. 

61az4ym0tpl. sl1100

Flamingo hook