Too many cool stuff alert

Would you seriously put a ghetto blaster in a small child's room?? - Oh yes I totally would..! 

Can't stress enough how important is music for wind them down, to exerciser, to help develop their speech, their moves or just to silly around the kitchen floor whilst waiting for dinner.

I use music for all the above and recently kitted out all their rooms  with music players so they can control when and what they would like to listen to. Sadly I came across this awesome ghetto blaster a little too late,  but luckily I managed to find it a perfect home and included it in my new project. 

Have a look at all the cute details on this room plan and hopefully I will be able to show you the finished room too, very soon.

This project was again more about finding the finishing touches. Beautiful bespoke bed, shelving and under window seating bench has been already fitted. 

Ob konrad

1, Ghetto Blaster

Gold bluetooth connection ghetto blaster speaker  1

2, House shelves

Houses shelf  1

3, Animal hooks

Rhino and friends wooden hangers  1

4,  Flexible car track to put on top of the bay window bench

Adjustable car track 12 pieces  1

5,  Natural- blue wicker basket ( to be used as a planter)

S storage basket

6,  Tiger head rug (small)

Leopard head rug 32x32cm

7,  Wooden animal toys (to be used as decoration on empty shelves)


Small wooden bear figurineWooden bear figurineWooden brontosaurus figurine

8, Graphic rug


9, Glow-in-the-dark Leo poster 

Leo glow in the dark poster

10, Map poster


11, Tiger bedding

Childrens duvet cover pillowcase set wild mountain theme

12, Bunk bed storage pouch 

Sevilla storage pouch

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