Twinkle, twinkle Christmas star

When do you start prepping for Christmas? Do you always use the same decoration and just extend it a bit each year? For years, when I dragged down (I mean the husband as I ain't going up there!)  my decor box from the loft I realised there is nothing actually in it that I would use, but at that point it was too late to act so I said I will buy some new bling next year. And you guessed...always failed!  

This year my friend, our home won't be tacky as I started refreshing the collection on time! Not planning to go crazy as I never do on temporary things. Just a few simple and stylish touch here and there and I am done. 

Have been decorating with paper pom-poms and honeycomb balls for years for family birthdays and it is always a hit! They are cheap and despite the material they actually last for years if stored well.

Create this dramatic and beautiful look with the winter versions if you haven't got low ceilings like we do! 

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(picture from HouseBeautiful )

Artificial Christmas garland  

Paper snowflake decoration 

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(Picture from Pintrest) 

Large star lantern 

Large silver star 

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(Picture from Pintrest) 

Buy a selection of stars and snowflakes and get creative. They look gorgeous just in front of glass double doors, entrance halls, conservatories and landings too!



House beautiful

(picture from HouseBeautiful )


(Picture from Pintrest)

Decorate your hallway with a mix of fairy lights, wooden stars and pine cones. 

What you will need (click on the following list):

Long curtain fairy lights  
Natural rattan stars

Some pine cones from the garden.

If your kids collected way too many pine cones and autumn nuts this year, use them to fill a big glass dome and add some fairy lights like this: 

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(Picture from Pintrest)

(Picture from Pintrest)

Simple and inexpensive.

Would love to see your ideas and rooms with winter decor as and when you are ready so please share, share, share!! Either on Facebook under this post or private message them to us and we can feature them on the blog! 

Happy countdown lovely people!